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Mitsubishi Electric MR-E62S Refrigerator Review

Mitsubishi Electric is proud to present the MR-E62S. With a total capacity of 637L, it boasts outstanding energy efficiency and ultra-quiet operation.

The MR-E62S has 6 doors to allow the Refrigerator to individually control the temperature of each section – minimizing crossover and maximizing efficiency. With 4 Light Emitting Diodes, or “LEDs”, for freshness, easy-to-use storage innovations, a washable ice maker, and stylish design, this refrigerator is a market leader in features.

Mitsubishi Electric MR-E62S Refrigerator


Do you have trouble reaching the back of the top shelf in your refrigerator? When you do, typically, 5% of the space in your fridge becomes dead space. The revolving shelf lets you use this space more effectively. Those hard-to-reach bottles and jars are only a spin away.

It’s as simple as pulling the shelf forwards, unlocking the tabs, revolving the shelf, and putting it back in place.  It rotates both ways for ease of access to any area. Another space innovation feature is the two-way Flexi shelf. Just lift and push the front of the shelf back to create more room.

The final storage innovation is the elevating shelf which is controlled by the slider at the front. The shelf adjusts to accommodate a variety of heights. All these shelves are so easy to remove from the fridge for cleaning.


The MR-E62S performs 4 key freezing features in the versa compartment.

The first is Hot Freezing.

The MR-E62S makes it possible to place hot food directly into the freezer. 

First, the Blue LED sensor detects hot food. Then, the twin damper airflow outlets can target the hot food, and direct cold air to quickly cool the area.

The next feature is super cool freezing.

This preserves the taste of the food when putting it in the freezer. The Versa Compartment locks in flavor by cooling the food below -5 degrees as quickly as possible. This supercool freezing takes only one second to go from -1 degree to -5 degrees.

Regular freezing starts from the outside of the food, working its way slowly towards the center. Frozen water crystals form slowly, and in long slivers, expanding to tear the flesh of the meats and destroying the integrity of the food.

When supercooled, food is frozen before slivers have time to form. Water molecules freeze instantly in minute particles and form uniformly all the way through the food. The cells of the food remain intact and the flavor is not destroyed. This water has been Super Cooled. As it is poured out in a liquid form, its temperature below zero, the agitation freezes the liquid to a solid instantly.


The next freezing feature is power storage.

When freezing, food can become oxidized as a result of the difference between the colder ambient temperature and the slightly warmer temperature of the food. 

The food dries out, the moisture freezes on the outside of the food, and the food changes color.

The versa compartment sensor controls the temperature by using the twin damper outlets to even the temperature of the freezer and the food. 

The visible blue LED acts as anti-oxidation and as a deodorizing filter. You can see the results of the power storage for yourself.

The final freezing feature is ‘soft freezing’.

The optimum temperature for Soft Freezing is -7 degrees. It is frozen but is ready to be cooked without thawing. Soft Frozen meat is easy to cut, even straight out of the drawer, and soft frozen fish can be pulled apart easily.


Everyone likes fresh vegetables. The vegetable drawer of the Mitsubishi Electric MR-E62S contains a vitamin factory to keep vegetables fresher for longer. In the vitamin factory, an orange Light Emitting Diode, or LED, slows down the wilting process and maintains the vitamin and anti oxidant levels in the vegetables. Also, no direct cold air blows onto the vegetables, which helps them retain their moisture. This helps to keep your vegetables fresher.


The MR-E62S has a state-of-the-art anti-bacteria and deodorizing function. The blue LED and catalytic filter at the rear of the fridge decompose the odor-causing agents into carbon dioxide and water. The food is protected with fresh clean air, which circulates throughout the refrigerator.


When using tap water for ice cubes, it can mean you are freezing built-up bacteria from the tap. Long pipes are non-washable, like in household plumbing or on some competitors’ ice makers. The Mitsubishi Electric auto ice maker has a short pipe, which along with all its other components can be removed for washing.

The auto ice maker also uses a catalytic filter and violet LED to control bacteria and reduce chlorine.  Mitsubishi Electric ice maker technology freezes smaller crystals, which take longer to melt at the same level of coldness. It makes 12 ice cubes in 80 minutes and around 50 pieces overnight and can use all types of mineral water.


The MR-E62S has many energy-saving qualities, including the scene fit control that automatically controls the operation of the refrigerator according to the lifestyle of your family. 

The Mitsubishi Electric fridge will pre-cool when you use it frequently, and defrost when the doors are opened less. 8 sensors throughout the MR-E62S keep the temperature in each compartment highly regulated, and insulted from the other areas.

The top section not only has one sensor at the back of the compartment but another sensor near the door in order to keep an even temperature throughout the largest section.

The Eco Guide on the MR-E62S shows you how much energy you are saving. One leaf during normal operation, two to save around 5% energy, and three to save around 10% of the energy.

This Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator has an energy star rating of 3 a leader in its class. The Mitsubishi Electric MR-E62S, Technologically advanced, Energy-efficient, and Easy to Use.

Imagine that!

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