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LG's Electric Slide-in Range LSEL6337 Review

The LSEL6337 Fone of LG's most sophisticated electric slide-in ranges.

It's a smart range with a ton of features.

Some you'll actually like. In this article, you'll learn about all the features as

well as some comparisons to LG's biggest competitors like GE and KitchenAid.

In the end, you'll know whether this range might be right for you. Let's get started.


LG has one of the largest internal capacities at 6.3 cubic feet.

LG's Electric Slide-in Range LSEL6337

This is a full cubic foot over competitive GE models, only KitchenAid is bigger at 6.4 cubic feet. It has convection with a separate element behind the fan for the most oven cooking and elimination of taste crossover between racks.

The top is glass with a fifth burner.

LG has brought its InstaView technology to this range.

Tap the glass twice to look into the range. But the added Smart

features are the best part of this range. You have the ability to start and stop a cycle as well as change the temperature remotely through an app on your phone.

Like most other smart ranges. But you do have a scan to Cook technology. Just scan your frozen food and it sets the temperature and cooking automatically.

LG is partnered with innit and a side shelf for more automatic cooking options. You pick the recipe and it automatically sets the range while walking you through step by step and even alerting you when the food is done.

It's really one of the first smart cooking products that's actually smart.

This range has a lot of other modes like air sous vide, and air Fry that you

need to be aware of.

We haven't been able to crisp anything in air fry mode from any manufacturer. It's hard to blow the extreme heat to a crisp in a larger oven. Most friers are much smaller. Air sous vide, that never existed before. Sous vide is precision boiling in a bag. In this range, you have the bag

in a special cycle.

This needs to be tested. Lastly, the price is a bit high at $2,399. You can buy a better-performing induction range for three to $500 more.

GE's induction with similar smart features at $2,999. You should consider it. You'll find the app is useful if you like to cook and try new

recipes. It's a bit pricey. You can buy induction for just a little more.

However, with good size, convection, and smart technology that's actually smart, the LG LSEL6337F is a decent consideration.

Now you know about this LG model, you can find out how it compares

to all the other brands. Just type in the search bar or find at the sitemap page.

Thanks for reading.

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