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Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers Reviews, Ratings and Prices

If you're looking for the best dishwasher, then you're probably considering Miele and Bosch. Both are considered the best for several reasons, but which is better? That really depends on a variety of factors. So in this article, you'll learn about features, problems, plus reliability based on 37,000 plus real service calls. In the end, you'll know which dishwasher is right for you.

Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers Reviews, Ratings and Prices

In this Article:

  • The best features and problems of both Miele and Bosch Dishwashers
  • Reliability for both brands based on real service calls

Similarities of Bosch and Miele Dishwashers

Let's start with what they have in common. You can place a panel on either of these dishwashers seamlessly. They'll look like a cabinet, not like a dishwasher with a panel because they do not protrude past the cabinet. Miele has a double insulated tub to prevent leaks. Bosch has the Aqua stop so you don't flood your kitchen or your downstairs neighbors.

They both have stainless tubs. Then again, most premium dishwashers do. Stainless is more hygienic than plastic and doesn't retain odors. Bosch has five styles, one being paneled.

Miele has three, with one being paneled.

Normally, I don't mention styles. However, with product scarcities, you can buy a dishwasher with the same features in a number of different ways. So if it's not available with a towel bar handle, for example, buy it with a pocket handle.


  • Both seamlessly accept panels
  • Both have leak protection
  • Both have stainless steel tubs
  • Both have multiple styles to choose from

Problems of Bosch and Miele Dishwashers

Both brands have availability issues and will have problems into 2022 and maybe beyond. Both brands have an expensive dishwasher over $2,000.

At a certain point, the added features don't justify the added price. For example, the $2,149 Bosch benchmark doesn't have the best Crystal dry drying the brand is now known for.


Miele is a bit better over $2,000 with their G75 and G79 models. But most of Miele's core features are available in the $1,999 G73 series. We'll see other problems revolve around quietness and what is really needed in your home.

Miele G7966 and G7516 Dishwashers Prices


  • Both have availability issues that will continue into the future
  • Both have expensive dishwashers over $2,000

Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers: Sound Level

For a quiet Dishwasher, 44 decibels is the standard threshold, so you won't hear it running in an open kitchen. You can buy them as low as 38 decibels, but the noticeable noise difference is not that great.

I say that because people tend to overbuy for quietness. For example, you can buy a 44 decibel Bosch at $899, a 40 decibel Bosch for $1349, or a 38 decibel Bosch at $2149 Assuming you want basic main features, the $899 is fine for quietness. The new G5000 series Mieles are now 44 decibels, so every model in this comparison meets the 44-decibel threshold.

Just know, you don't need a 38-decibel dishwasher unless you like some other features.

Sound Level:

  • 44 decibels is the silence threshold
  • You won't hear a difference in anything below 44 decibels
  • Don't overpay for quietness
  • You can buy a quiet Bosch dishwasher for $899
  • Miele's new G5000 series will all be 44 decibels or below

Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers: Washing

Both will wash your dishes. However, if you look closely, Miele has a better washing system. It has a full wash arm on the top versus a sprinkler head for Bosch. It may be an issue if you load up that third rack.

Miele should be considered slightly better. On Miele's better G73, 75, and 79 series dishwashers you have their automatic dispenser, dubbed the Auto Dose. You can load up to 20 washes, and it releases the right amount of detergent at the right time for the cleanest dishes. Miele also has a quick, intense wash, a 58 minutes cycle, which adds pressure to the dishes for faster clean. The Bosch speed 60 cleans and 60 minutes just without the added pressure.


  • Both wash dishes well, but Miele is the best
  • Miele has three full spray arms
  • Bosch has two spray arms and a sprinkler head on top
  • Miele's higher-end G7000 models have AutoDos
  • Both Miele and Bosch have quick, hour-long cycles

Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers: Cycles

The Germans, Miele don't believe in a ton of cycles, whereas the German Americans, Bosch does. At $999, both Miele and Bosch will have five cycles, but Bosch adds five options. That's a consistent theme. You will be able to choose more cycles and options in a Bosch versus a similarly priced Miele.


  • $999 Miele has 5 cycles
  • $999 Bosch has 5 cycles and 5 options
  • Bosch will have more options than Miele

Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers: Drying

Miele is known for drying with its clean air system. It's so simple you have to wonder why others don't copy it. In a Miele dishwasher, the Port on the bottom allows air to the side of the dishwasher. The steam and heat are attracted to the cooler side, and it's dissipated as water. On the better Mieles, you have two ports, so air is sent to both sides. Miele also pops the door open and the one $1499 plus G7000 designated dishwashers.

It's a great feature, especially if you wash overnight. The steam doesn't leave residual moisture on your dishes. Bosch calls their similar dishwasher opening AutoAir, but you can buy that feature in the $1,090 - $1,199 range. However, the best drying dishwashers of the Bosch with Crystal dryer at $1299 to 1399 in additional AutoAir. It uses zeolite of volcanic minerals to absorb moisture amid the heat.

It actually works, so if you use a lot of plastics, then Bosch Crystal Dry is probably the best dishwasher to consider.

G7000 Miele is better with their clean air system, but Bosch will be close with AutoAir.


  • Miele's CleanAir drying system has a port at the bottom
  • Better Miele's will have two ports
  • Both Bosch and Miele have auto-open features
  • Bosch's Crystal Dry using Zeolite is the best drying system
  • At $1,000 Miele's drying system is better but Bosch is close with AutoAir

Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers: Racking

Miele again was the first with a third rack for silverware. Everyone copied it to a certain extent, including Bosch. Third racks are a good way to add more room for plates at the bottom by moving the silverware up top.

Now Bosch has their MyWay rack so you can fit more on the third rack. Miele has their fold-down three-way rack so you can fit larger items on the second rack. What's better is it depends on how you use it. Miele's 3rd rack will be better if you have fine silverware because it locks it in place. The silverware won't budge during the wash.


  • 3rd racks add space on lower racks by moving silverware up
  • Bosch's My Way rack allows you to fit more than silverware
  • Miele's 3 Way rack lets you fit larger items on the 2nd rack

Bosch vs Miele Dishwashers: Reliability

Lots of other reviewers proclaim Bosch and Miele to be the most reliable dishwasher, that's not true. Here are the exact service percentages of both brands in comparison to others. This is just for last year, Miele had a return to excellence after a few years of issues like frozen Motors and buzzing solenoids. 8.2% is a decent percentage, especially for a higher-priced, well-featured dishwasher.

Bosch vs Miele Dishwashers Reliability

Most of the more reliable dishwashers, which is based Bosch had an off-year after being one of the most reliable for the last five years. It's still a good reliability rate for a higher-end dishwasher, especially with the new innovations. Bosch should improve in the future.

Bosch vs Miele Dishwashers: Which should you buy?

First, both the great brands. They both set the standard for better dishwashers. There will be availability problems with both brands into 2022, so you should consider both and all the different handle styles in your dishwasher. Search for Bosch the advantages are better quietness and drying at lower prices. You also have the best drawing with Crystal dry at a better price than Miele. Miele has the best wash system racking with excellent drying and for this year better availability, You also have some interesting usable features like the auto dose at higher prices, which Bosch does not. So it really depends on the features you're considering along with your budget.

The Advantages of Both Dishwashers

Bosch Dishwasher:

  • Bosch is quieter and has a better drying system for lower prices than Miele
  • Crystal Dry is the best drying system on the market
Miele Dishwasher:
  • Miele has the best wash system and racking with an excellent drying system
  • This year Miele is more available than Bosch
  • AutoDos is only offered by Miele

That's Miele versus Bosch dishwashers. Thanks for reading.

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