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2021 Best 36-Inch All Gas Profesional Ranges

There is no single best all-gas, 36 inch Pro range for every feature. However, the best pro range for you and your family depends on how you cook. In this article, you'll learn about the best pro ranges, their best features, and a few problems. In the end, you'll learn which pro range is best for you and your particular style of cooking. First, let's talk about the difference between Dual fuel and All-gas.

We do cover Dual fuel in another video. Electric is better for baking because it's a dryer heat, self-cleaning is also standard for electric. It's only offered on a few all-gas models. Gas is a moister heat for better roasting. Also, infrared is way better than electric for boiling.

Some brands offer upgraded features only in their dual fuel ranges like Wolf and Hestan and SKS. If you like baking and added features, then dual fuel may be better. If you like to broil or roast then consider all-gas, let's look at the ranges. But they're in no particular order.

All-Gas vs. Dual Fuel

  • Electric ovens have a drier heat and are better for baking
  • Self-cleaning ovens are standard in dual fuel
  • Only a few brands have it in their all-gas pro range models
  • Gas ovens have a moister heat and are better for roasting and broiling with infrared broilers
  • Wolf, Hestan, and SKS only offer upgraded features in their fuel models

Best 36-Inch All Gas Profesional Ranges 2021


BlueStar Platinum

BlueStar specializes only in All-gas ranges. They do not offer dual fuel, they only manufacture All-gas in five different series. The top two, the Platinum and the RNB series are their most popular ranges by far and look almost identical. The BlueStar Platinum is more powerful. The twenty-five thousand BTU max output versus the still extremely hot. Twenty-two thousand for the RNB.

It also has pure convection or heat blown in from the rear for more even heating and faster preheating. Whereas the BlueStar RNB is regular convection. On the other hand, the RNB has an integrated charbroiler, whereas the platinum has six burners with an add-on reversible grill/griddle between the two. If you want the grill or griddle then opt for the RNB series because the Grill and griddle will be integrated. BlueStar ranges have open burns except for one of their lower-priced series.

You may think it would be more difficult to keep it clean, but all the parts are removable so you can wash them in your sink.

BlueStar has a thousand colors and ten trim options. You can also customize your range based on a high-quality photo, flooring, or wallpaper design with BlueStar by design. You don't buy BlueStar for any modern amenities like Wi-Fi or even a clock or timer. It emulates a strict commercial range.

BlueStar is not self-cleaning in any of the five series the grill and griddle are regular gas not infrared. The heat is less direct and less intense. The grill is also tougher to clean. Infrared evaporates most of the drippings, whereas regular gas does not.

BlueStar Features and Specification

1. Specialize in all-gas ranges

  • 5 different series
  • Platinum and RNB are the two premium and most popular series

2. Output

  • Platinum: 25,000 BTU max output
  • RNB: 22,000 BTU max output

3. Oven

  • Platinum: pure convection
  • RNB: regular convection

4. Grill & Griddle

  • Platinum: 6 burners with an add-on reversible grill and griddle
  • RNB: integrated charbroiler

5. Cooktop

  • All but one series are open burners
  • All of the parts are removable and easy to wash

6. Aesthetics

  • 1,000 colors and 10 trim options

7. BlueStar by Design

  • No Wi-Fi, clocks, or timers
  • Not self-cleaning in any of the five series
  • No infrared grills or griddles


Hestan KRG365NG

Hestan now manufactures a pro range after years of just being commercial for restaurants, their five-burner pro range features the now most powerful thirty thousand BTU burner, perfect for walks and other high-temperature cooking.

The other burners at twenty-three thousand fifteen thousand BTU to round out the most powerful top you can now buy. Unlike the other brands, the griddle was powered by an infrared burner and can be controlled by temperature, not just by one or two settings. The range is single convection, however, Hestan adapts to time and temperature to maintain an even heat.

They have solid brass burners, heavy grates, and diecast knobs. Better components do not necessarily mean less service, but still impressive.

Hestan also has 12 colors to choose from. You have an infrared griddle yet no grill or even a clock and timer. Hestan also has no Wi-Fi functionality. The convection system is called PureVection, it adjusts the time and temperature. However, it's still single convection, not blower or Twin style.

Before you buy a Hestan, you have to inquire about local service. Often new companies are slower to set up service networks.

Hestan Features and Specification

1. Output

  • One 30,000 BTU burner
  • The remaining burners are 23,000 and 15,000 BTU

2. Infrared griddle that is controlled by temperature

3. PureVection single convection

4. Constructed of solid brass burners, heavy grates, and die-cast knobs

5. Available in 12 colors

6. No grill, clock, or timer

7. No Wi-Fi functionality

8. "PureVection" is still single convection

9. Inquire about local service with all appliance brands, especially newer ones


Thermador Pro Grand - Pro Harmony
Thermador manufactures two styles of gas ranges, their Pro Grand series and their Pro Harmony series, the Thermador Pro Grand is Thermador's premium All-gas range. The Pro Grand series adds a clock and a twenty-two thousand BTU burner versus eighteen thousand four Harmony. You're also buying an induction set of burners in the Pro Grand.

But the biggest difference is the depth. Pro Grand is designed to fit a commercial baking tray with three extra inches in depth.

The Pro Harmony at just over twenty-four inches will sit flush the cabinets. Thermador Pro Grand gas range is also self-cleaning and about fifteen hundred to two thousand more than Pro Harmony. For common features between the two lines, the star burner is raised, so it's the easiest to clean.

The simmer is the best for gas at one hundred BTU. Thermador's range has Wi-Fi functionality. You can control your range through the Home Connect app on your phone. Thermador also integrated recipes, the ability to change temperature and turn your range on or off remotely. Thermador is one of the least expensive pro ranges and adds a free dishwasher and free hood as well as other qualifying purchases.

An electric grill and griddle are not terrible once it reaches temperature, but it does not have the ability to sear like an infrared. Pro Grand has a basic clock. The harmony has no clock or timer of function. JennAir and Miele. have twin convection, BlueStar as pure convection in the platinum, while Thermador has an older single convection system.

Thermador Features and spesification

1. Pro Grand is Thermador's premium range

2. Output

  • Pro Grand: 22,000 BTU output(induction burner set available)
  • Pro Harmony: 18,000 BTU output

3. Depth

  • Pro Grand: 3 extra inches of depth
  • Pro Harmony: flush to cabinets

4. Pro Grand is self-cleaning and $1,500 - $2,000 more than the Pro Harmony

5. Raised, easy clean star burner

6. The best simmer at 100 BTU

7. Wi-Fi enabled with their Home Connect App

8. One of the least expensive pro ranges with good rebates and packages

9. Their electric grill and griddle doesn't have the searing capabilities of an infrared

10. The Pro Grand has a basic clock, but the Pro Harmony no clock or timer

11. Older single convection oven

SKS(Signature Kitchen Suite)

SKS(Signature Kitchen Suite) SKSGR360GS

SKS is a pretty technical range, complete with LG ThinQ technology, Wi-Fi package, along with a pretty advanced clock and timer.

Burners are a combination of twenty-three and fifteen thousand with a similar burner at one hundred BTU. The griddle is a chromium and the easiest clean like JennAir. SKS has the largest interior capacity at six point three cubic feet. You have a good combination of output with twenty-three thousand BTU burners along with a good simmer and the largest oven capacity.

SKS is the best warranty at three years with a guarantee of no longer than a five-day wait for service. You can't buy a grill with this SKS. SKS promises a five-day guarantee for service, let me say I'm more than skeptical. LG may have one of the best service managers, but the five-day service is a pretty bold claim. They also didn't say guaranteed service in five days.

Signature Kitchen Suite(SKS) Features and Specification

1. ThinQ Wi-Fi package and an advanced clock and timer

2. Output

  • Burner combination of 23,000 and 15,000 BTU
  • Simmer of 100 BTU on two burners

3. Easy to clean chromium griddle

4. Largest oven at 6.3 cubic feet

5. 3-year warranty and 5-day service guarantee

6. No grill option with SKS

7. 5-day service guarantee may be too good to be true(Doesn't state that the repair itself is guaranteed in five days


Wolf 36-inch-all-gas-range

Wolf is traditionally known for red knobs and their dual-stack burners. The gas range is reliable and has the best service network on this list. They also have one of the hottest boilers, with an excellent infrared grill and griddle. The simmer is also one of the best. Thermador has an intermittent simmer on two burners, Wolf swimmers are a bit higher at five hundred BTU on all burners.

However, Wolf is intent on upgrading only the dual fuel as they will again this year. But they haven't redesigned this gas range for a long time. Their output at 15,000 BTU per burner is less than any of the pro ranges on this list. You have thirty thousand BTU in the Hestan, Wolf maxes at fifteen thousand. Wolf doesn't have any clock in time or controls.

Wi-Fi is similar to Thermador. Wolf has a similar convection system.

Wolf Features and Specification

  1. Reliable gas range and the best service network
  2. One of the hottest infrared broilers, along with an infrared grill and griddle
  3. Wolf simmers at 500 BTU on all burners
  4. Wolf hasn't redesigned this gas range in a long time
  5. Slightly underpowered with 15,000 BTU max output per burner
  6. No clock, timer, or Wi-Fi
  7. Single convection oven


JennAir Rise and Noir

JennAir is the premium brand owned by Whirlpool Corp. in 2008, JennAir upgraded the whole line with two designs the Rise and Noir. They're styled well, and the top is powerful for a Pro range with three twenty thousand BTU Burner's two Eighteens and one nine thousand BTU.

The Grill is now infrared at sixteen thousand BTU, same as Wolf. In the oven, there's twin convection for more even heat. Their whole Wi-Fi experience is the best, at least with functions. It has tie-ins with recipes designed to enhance your cooking experience. It's competitively priced.

Plus you get a free dishwasher. The main problem with JennAir is finding one. They've had availability issues since their inception in twenty-eighteen. The app is functional but not highly rated.

Jennair Features and Specification

1. Output

  • Three 20,000 BTU burners, two 18,000, and one 9,000 BTU
  • 16,000 BTU infrared grill

2. Twin convection oven

3. Wi-Fi Enabled

4. Competitive pricing with a free dishwasher through their rebate program

5. Availability issues since their release in 2018

6. Functional app, but not highly rated


Miele HR1136

Miele has a self-cleaning dual convection oven like JennAir. And an infrared grill and griddle like Wolf with decent controls. The grates and racks are the simplest to clean. You can even place them in your dishwasher while the racks can stay in the oven during the self-clean cycle.

Miele's burners are half powerful at nineteen thousand five hundred, and half not powerful at nine thousand and eight thousand BTU. Miele is infrared broiler is the hottest at twenty-three thousand BTU or fifteen percent better than any other brand.

It's the same output as a Lynx side burner on their outside grills. Miele's downside is no Wi-Fi. It's odd for such a progressive company. The nineteen thousand BTU burner is good, but Miele's other burners are underpowered at nine thousand eight thousand BTU which is not.

Miele Features and Specification

1. Self-cleaning dual convection oven

2. Infrared grill and griddle

3. Cooktop grates and oven racks are easy to clean

4. Output

  • 19,500 BTU max output
  • The remaining burners are 9,000 and 8,000 BTU

5. Hottest infrared broiler at 23,000 BTU

6. No Wi-Fi

7. Cooktop is underpowered with 9,000 and 8,000 max output burners


The most reliable Pro range is Thermador, followed closely by JennAir and Wolf, Miele and BlueStar had more service.

But it's a minor burner repair. Wolf may be the most impressive. Most of their range sales are larger thirty-six point sixty sizes that the repair percentage is comparable to Thermador was more widely sold at thirty thirty-six inch units.


  • Thermador is the most reliable followed by JennAir and Wolf
  • Miele and BlueStar have a higher repair rate but it's due to a minor burner repair
  • Most Wolf ranges sold are the larger 36, 48, and 60-inch sizes

Which Should You Buy?

First, there's no one best range, however, there is one probably best for you and your particular cooking style. Before you go online or go to your local appliance store, take some time and understand how you cook.

Do you bake or broil? Or want more power on the burner and easy to clean range? Or a more technical stove with more features like Wi-Fi? This will help you choose the best range for you. Also, service can be a problem with more specialized products like pro ranges.

Inquire about service before you buy any range or at least way before your next Thanksgiving dinner.

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